Nick Balcombe Foundation | New releases of Nick’s live performances
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New releases of Nick’s live performances

02 Jul New releases of Nick’s live performances

**** EXCITING NEWS!! ****

Over the last few months we have been searching through Nicko’s hard drives for music recordings that might help us to record his posthumous album, and in doing so have uncovered some pretty amazing live recordings. We have recording’s from Tasmania, Australia, and from his travels in Europe, and all feature Nicko casually engaging the audience from his seat on the stage: softly spoken, laughing, and smiling.

We all know how much effort Nick put into his music, and he was just as attentive towards which music he released for people to hear – most live versions were not quite perfect enough in Nick’s mind to be released!

But now they take on new meaning: no longer is just about the skill and perfection of his playing, but for us the listeners (for Nicko’s loved ones around the world) it is about hearing Nick’s voice again and imagining his smile.

* * * * * *

Our first live series comes from Nick’s time in the Netherland’s where he played at Roest – an industrial area that has been converted into a social space with markets, bars and of course live music.

Nicko played there on March 27, 2013, and the first song we have from you is Good Night. Have a listen and remember Nicko sitting up on the stage strumming his guitar.

We hope you enjoy it. Share it around, and we will post the second track from this session in the coming weeks.

* * * * * * *
P.s. watch this space – the musicians are heading into Sing Sing Studios over the coming few weeks to start recording for the Nick Balcombe album that everyone has helped us aim towards!

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