Nick Balcombe Foundation | Update
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New releases of Nick’s live performances

**** EXCITING NEWS!! **** Over the last few months we have been searching through Nicko’s hard drives for music recordings that might help us to record his posthumous album, and in doing so have uncovered some pretty amazing live recordings. We have recording’s from Tasmania, Australia, and from his travels in Europe, and all feature Nicko casually engaging the audience from his seat on the stage: softly spoken, laughing, and smiling. We all know how much effort Nick put into his music, and he was just as attentive towards which music he released for people to hear - most live versions were not quite perfect enough in Nick’s mind to be released! But now they take on new meaning: no longer is just about the skill and perfection of his playing, but for us the listeners (for Nicko’s loved ones around the world) it is about hearing Nick’s voice again and imagining his...

Exciting News – DGR Status

We have some exciting news. Due to the extremely hard work from Benn Turner, we have been granted Deductible Grant Recipient (DGR) status. Sound impressive? It is! What this means, is that YOU can now claim a tax deduction for every donation of $2 or more you make to The Nick Balcombe Foundation Inc. With the end of financial year coming quickly, don't leave it too late to reduce your tax bill, click on the link below and help us keep Nick's dream alive.

Annual fundraiser and grant announcement 28th Feb 2016

To those that may not have seen that we have our annual big bash this Sunday the 28th of Feb at MONA please visit our Facebook event or check out the rad poster produced by Great Scott Design for more details Annual Fundraiser poster  ...

The Launch

After many beers and coffees over the past 18 months or so, The Nick Balcombe Foundation officially launched at 3pm today. The drizzly conditions in Hobart were not enough to dampen the spirits of all those that attended. It was a satisfying and emotional ocassion, with many laughs and some tears. The event was held in The Yard at The Brunswick Hotel, where Nick frequently played his beautiful music. At the launch, we also officially opened applications for the 2015 Grant. To apply for The Grant, click on the following link: [button size='' style='' text='Apply Now' icon='' icon_color='' link='' target='_blank' color='' hover_color='' border_color='' hover_border_color='' background_color='' hover_background_color='' font_style='' font_weight='' text_align='' margin='']   We would like to thank all of those who came along today and for being apart of this significant moment. We hope you enjoyed the sneak peak of our next exciting project. Keep living the dream....

Upcoming Project

Today we met with photographer Samuel Shelley at a beautiful location not far from Tasmania's capital city of Hobart. We can't say too much about the project at this stage, but you will not need to wait long to get all the details. We met at 6:30 am to get the best of the conditions, particularly the lighting conditions. We could not have asked for a better day, the sun was shining and there was barely a breeze at all. Stay tuned for more information on this project and check out some of Sam's work at


Upon hearing the news that Nick had suffered a stroke and had been placed in a coma, Cam Crawford (the now President of the Nick Balcombe Foundation) arranged for a few of us to catch up for a drink at a local bar in Salamanca. The purpose of this drink was to make sure we were all there to support each other, and to put out some positive vibes for Nick. This was actually the first time I had met Cam, and also gave me the opportunity to reconnect with Benn Turner and Andy Crawford who I hadn't seen in awhile. Whilst I think we all knew deep down how seriously ill Nick was, there was only talk of  "WHEN Nick wakes up...