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Television interview – Let’s finish what Nick Started

Hey All, If you missed our recent TV interview with Sothern Cross News discussing our crowd funding campaign to 'finish what Nick started' please check out the link below. Great job Camo and Lou, and a massive thankyou to Katelyn Barry for putting such a great story together. Please donate to our capaign on pozible Lets finish what Nick started and help spread the work on social media by recording a short clip of yourself saying 'Lets finish what Nick started' and use the the following hashtag #lfwns See the clip for the 9th of feb 2016 - jump to 6:50 for our story Southern Cross News - 9th Feb 2016 ...

Pozible Campaign

The time has finally come to let you all know about this exciting project we have been working on. Imagine if you didn't get to finish your life's work. Our beautiful friend Nick touched many people through his music, friendship, professional life and family. Nick was a passionate Tasmanian living his his dream. Touring Europe, playing along side artists like Donavon Frankenreiter, and recording whenever time and funds allowed.  Following his tragic death in 2014 due to a stroke, his vast network of friends and fans have been keen to do something that celebrates his life and achievements, and create a legacy that Nick would be proud of. With the support of family and friends, we have created the Nick Balcombe Foundation that provides an annual grant for contemporary music in Tasmania. But there is some other unfinished business...